"Un ourson orphelin, un grand ours solitaire, deux chasseurs dans la forêt. Le point de vue des animaux." Telles sont les quatre lignes envoyés par Jean-Jacques Annaud à son producteur Claude Berry pour expliquer le projet de son film. "Après la "Guerre du feu", explique le réalisateur, je voulais aller plus loin, essayer de transmettre les émotions communes à toutes les espèces supérieures du monde animal. Eviter que les animaux aient des comportements calqués sur ceux des hommes, affublés de raisonnements de midinette, avec une voix off pour expliquer ce qui se passe."


  1. Anon 19.01.19


  2. Anon 19.01.19

    black luffy from one piece

  3. Anon 19.01.19

    lets hope they do him right

  4. Anon 19.01.19

    #1enTendencias en Argentina!! Wao..

  5. Anon 19.01.19

    Where's Carnage?

  6. Anon 19.01.19

    When you have to announce that it is an official trailer in the trailer itself is when you lost me as a potenial moviegoer.

  7. Anon 19.01.19

    So a movie souly about an anti hero with no hero's making a cameo? This is gonna be a great movie no doubt. Plus I love L'ours. It also reminds me too much of those lickers from resident evil

  8. Anon 19.01.19

    I don’t think I could have asked for a better L'ours trailer.

  9. Anon 19.01.19


  10. Anon 19.01.19


  11. Anon 19.01.19

    L'ours you liked? :3

  12. Anon 19.01.19

    Random person: So what’s your name?\nL'ours: We are L'ours.\nRandom person: slowly walks away

  13. Anon 19.01.19

    I'm going to lower my expectations with this one.

  14. Anon 19.01.19

    Spiderman into the spiderverse trailer #2 NOW!!!

  15. Anon 19.01.19

    Now Sony I want to support you. And this looks good now that we see some more, but. How can you have a Spider-Man universe without Spider-Man? Make this movie then join Disney so that L'ours can be in the mcu where he belongs so it all comes together

  16. Anon 19.01.19

    очень красочный фильм будет

  17. Anon 19.01.19

    Like si no entendiste un chorizo porque estába en inglésߘ

  18. Anon 19.01.19

    Awesome. Tom Hardy is great in everything! I hope Spawn looks this dope

  19. Anon 19.01.19

    Agora tem o L'ours

  20. Anon 19.01.19

    Oh my Sh!t I cannot wait...

  21. Anon 19.01.19


  22. Anon 19.01.19

    Sem nexo...\nVamo aguarda

  23. Anon 19.01.19

    If they screw up this movie I swear im going to shoot myself with the death star.

  24. Anon 19.01.19

    2:20 thank me later\nEdit: please don't be rated r

  25. Anon 19.01.19

    The DC style marvel movie starring Mad Max as L'ours

  26. Anon 19.01.19

    Well that was bad

  27. Anon 19.01.19

    Sorry i forgot Infinity War is coming before this ߘ

  28. Anon 19.01.19

    L'ours is better than spider man.

  29. Anon 19.01.19

    Topher Grace > Tom Hardy as L'ours

  30. Anon 19.01.19

    Who saw this coming after all the Spider-Man stuff we have seen

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